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kjk76: Cheer up everyone! Let the Sun shine brightly on u! #nomorebadnews #PeaceLoveHappiness #sunnyday #nomoregloom 다들 힘냅시다!!! 화이팅!!!!

Cold Coke is a femme fatale


Aloha Korean Bradgelina~
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I wasn’t avoiding you because I didn’t like you… Thank you, for waiting for me, and for being with me.

120101 Gag Concert appearance Pt. 1




It is too hot and humid.

But we have to cheer up to join this fan meeting.


At this time, we are going to have a special time.

named.. “Green light!*” with JK.

*Green light : it comes from a variety show named “witch-hunt”. With a story from a viewer, he/she wonder whether she/he have a good feeling with myself, 4 men make an advice him/her observing her/his activities to him/her.

a sweet love story with JK getting on for forty~

And the love story will be provided from papitus you all.


please send your green light story.

 - To know whether the man who you love has a good feeling or not

 - To know whether it is green light or not

 - To need a love advice to make good relationship successfully

 - My own love story related with JK

 - To need an event or propose

Please send your love story if you want to share with jk.

when you send the story, please refer to a story from JTBC witch-hunt.

#where to send


with your story, please send your name, age, DAUM ID, contact. 

if your story is selected, it will be shared at turn “the green light on” show at very good day event.

At very good day, how about make a very good memories?^^